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Welcome to thediamondcuts.com - a web site dedicated to providing detailed information and original research on the numerous diamond cuts that have been used since ancient times. From the ancient and "primitive" point cut of the 14th century to the ultra-precise computer-designed modern brilliants, many of the most popular antique and modern diamond cuts have their own dedicated page on this site.

Note that the word cut should be used to refer to the quality of the diamond cutter's work. It is one of the "four C's" - cut, carat, clarity, color - which are used to evaluate the quality and market price of a diamond. However this can be slightly confusing as the various shapes / styles into which diamonds are fashioned are also called diamond cuts by most people, rather than diamond shapes - hence the naming of this site.

This site features a special section on antique diamond cuts and we're pleased to announce that by digging through the "dusty vaults" of online libraries, we were able to overturn a few urban legends and copy-pasted internet rumours!

Enjoy the site and learn about the fascinating history and evolution of the faceted diamond! AN

Diamond Cuts
Drawing of antique Diamond Cuts from Alexander Japp's 1889 "Days With Industrials".

Popular Diamond Cuts:

Asscher Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut Diamond (aka Step Cut)
Cushion Cut Diamond
Heart Cut Diamond
Marquise Cut Diamond
Oval Cut Diamond
Pear Cut Diamond (aka Drop Cut)
Princess Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamond
Round Cut Diamond
Trillion cut Diamond

Antique diamond cuts:

Baguette Cut Diamond
French Cut Diamond
Mazarin Cut
Old European Cut Diamond
Old Mine Cut Diamond
Single Cut Diamond
Point Cut Diamond
Rose Cut Diamond
Table Cut Diamond


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