Round Diamond Engagement Ring

OK... after all the serious and wordy articles on this website, finally I couldn't resist putting up a page with some "eye candy" on it. Gotta love macro photography!

Below is a photo of a round diamond in a ring setting. I purchased the license to use this photo from those nice over folks at Fotolia (no affiliation).

Round Cut Diamond Ring
Round Cut Diamond Ring

Gabrielle Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The "Gabrielle" round brilliants were developed and patented by the famous Gabi Tolkowsky, direct descendant of none other than the Marcel Tolkowsky who invented the modern "round brilliant" in 1919. The Gabrielle has 105 facets (48 more than a traditional round brilliant), and is hand-cut. The makers proudly claim that the Gabrielle will create "sparkle and brilliance that surpasses any other diamond."

Check out these amazing close-up pictures of a Gabrielle round cut diamond engagement ring (below) - aren't these images fantastic?

round diamond engagement ring
"Gabrielle" Round Diamond Engagement Ring - Crown View
Gabrielle round diamond engagement ring
"Gabrielle" Round Diamond Engagement Ring

I have also seen photos of (what are stated to be) Gabrielle diamonds in Heart Cut, Cushion, Drop Cut and Radiant Cut - and presumably these also have modified / advanced cut patterns with a higher number of facets than the norm. The art and science of diamond cutting continues to grow ever more advanced - I wonder when it will plateau - or what surprises are in store as we deepen our understanding of those magical rays of light.

Check out more info on the Round Brilliant Cut for more "scintillating" diamond stories and fun facts about round cut diamonds!

brilliant cut diamond

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